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Open Letter to President Bush (May 2006)

Dear Mr. President: You’ve finally done it. You have finally succeeded in driving away one of your staunchest supporters (and defenders) after six plus years of loyalty. I supported you, Mr. President, in spite of repeated betrayals of what I … Continue reading

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Mass Amnesty

According to Catholic News Agency, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, along with a group of liberal activist Catholic Bishops, recently celebrated Mass at the U.S./Mexican border in support of American immigration amnesty legislation in which the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, along … Continue reading

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Catholics and Immigration (January 2010)

While I agree with much of what Lisa Fabrizio wrote in her article (The Catholic Case for Immigration Reform), I felt the need to clarify a few points about Catholics and immigration policy (with which I’m inclined to feel she … Continue reading

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The Mid-Term Elections (November 2006)

Tuesday November 7, 2006 is Election Day and many polls and pundits are suggesting that the Republican faithful may sit this one out, effectively handing control of Congress to the leftist’s who dominate the Democratic Party.  The most disheartening aspect … Continue reading

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Border Insecurity (December 2005)

The recent blustering by Mexican president Vicente Fox in response to the modest and sensible immigration reform proposals pending in the U.S. Congress is sickening to watch, and not just because these proposals are not altogether dissimilar to Mexico’s policy … Continue reading

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