Obama Cult? You Be The Judge (September 2009)

There is a growing body of circumstantial evidence that this country’s infatuation with Barack Obama is more than a mere political phenomenon, but an increasingly creepy – and dangerous – cult-of-personality.

Take a look at this pledge (scroll to about the 3:18 mark) in which a bunch of Hollywood types pledge “to be of service to Barack Obama.”  Then take a look at a comparison of his campaign posters next to those of some of history’s worst murderous (communist and fascist) thugs.

His direct address to school kids on September 8th originally included an assignment requiring his captive and impressionable audience to spell out how they could “help President Obama” before the public backlash against this outrage forced him to tone down the address.  Perhaps they planned on teaching our children some new hymns to “The One” as the poor brain-washed kids in these videos were.  After all, loyalty oaths are all the more effective when accompanied by music and forced upon children by those in authority.

Chillingly, the president wants to institute a new domestic security force with power and funding equal to our defense department.  After he brainwashes our youth, might it look a little like this?

The result of all this adoration and indoctrination can already be seen in his thug supporters who continue to physically attack those with whom they disagree.  Congressional Democrats and their compliant media sycophants would lead you to believe that the recent grass-roots gatherings of freedom-loving patriots at town-hall meetings and “tea-parties” across the country are akin to violent uprisings rather than the spontaneous expressions of our first-amendment privileges they are.  In truth, however, the only acts of violence perpetrated at these gatherings have been committed by leftist supporters of Obama’s Marxist-statist policies.  But hey, they were only following orders, right?  After all, their leader did tell them to “argue with your neighbors; get in their face.”

And how about those nice Black Panther fellows who physically prevented Republicans from voting in the 2008 election: they just had the charges against them dropped by the Obama Justice Department (the same justice department now investigating our CIA).

To protect us from this onslaught we have media types who’ve apparently swallowed the Kool-aid.  After they spent years attacking George W. Bush for the mostly imaginary evils of the Patriot Act, they’ve become suddenly quiet with respect to Obama’s plans to take over the internet and his marching orders to supporters to forward to the White House information on the administration’s critics.  Thank God we now have alternative media sources to which we can turn for information.

No longer should anyone have any illusions about the true nature of the man in the White House and his supporters.  His radical friends and czars, environmental extremism, government takeovers of private industry, embracing our enemies while shunning our allies, downplaying international terrorism while labeling American critics of his radical policies domestic terrorists, prosecuting the very heroes who’ve kept us safe for 8 years, and trillion dollar budget deficits are proof enough of the direction in which this man is taking our beloved country.

There is a term for this direction: creeping fascism.  This is the dirty little secret “progressives” don’t want you to know: the progressive movement was founded by a cadre of intellectual elites who openly supported and, in turn, inspired the European fascists of WWII.  They were racists who supported eugenics and began Planned Parenthood abortion mills to slow, in the words of current Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

This is the disgusting intellectual tradition progressives like Obama have taken up and made their own.  They call themselves liberals, but in reality they are anything but.  They are elitist snobs who presume to tell you how to live your life.  The same puritanical progressives who shoved alcohol Prohibition down our throats are now going after smokers, consumers of fast food, soft drinks, and incandescent light bulbs.  Where does all this meddling end?  What group of Americans will be the next to feel the jack-boot of government tyranny on their throats?

All Americans of good conscience need to stand up and stop this movement in its tracks before more of our God-given freedom is eroded by un-bridled state power.

Our country does have real problems, but the solution lies not in a slavish faith in the state – let alone one man – to cure all our ills at the cost of our very freedom.  The only real solution is an enduring faith in God and in the liberty with which He endowed us – liberties enumerated in our nation’s founding documents.

We must defend these quintessentially American values – faith and liberty – every bit as vigorously as the generations which preceded ours, only we need not stoop to the level of our leftist adversaries by committing acts of violence to advance our cause.  This is because we have something on our side they do not: the truth.  Thus we can win the debate on the merits of our argument without resorting to violence out of frustration and rage.  Ultimately, our best defense against this cult in its attempts to fundamentally transform America” is to remain vigilant, stay informed, and vote.

About michaelstjoseph

Michael St. Joseph is the pen-name of a Catholic conservative citizen of the greatest country in the history of civilization. He has a law enforcement background and lives with his family in the New York area. He can be reached at michaelst.joseph@yahoo.com.
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