Karl Leaves His Marx on the Presidential Candidates (November 2008)

Despite the many profound, almost diametrically opposed differences between the two presidential candidates on matters of public policy, they share one common characteristic: each of these men spent a considerable amount of their adult lives surrounded by America-hating, Marxist enemies of the United States.  As a result, the theories of Karl Marx have left their indelible mark on both men: on McCain physically; on Obama philosophically

Lieutenant Commander John Sidney McCain, who had enlisted in the U.S. Navy at 17 years of age to defend his country and her freedom-loving allies against aggressive communist expansion during the Vietnam War, was shot down while on a bombing mission over North Vietnam.  The severely injured McCain was subsequently captured by a violent mob of communist belligerents who proceeded to pummel and bayonet the wounded warrior.  He spent the next 5 ½ years in the filthy war-crimes factory dubbed the Hanoi Hilton by American POW’s.  While imprisoned there, McCain was systematically starved, beaten, and tortured by his Marxist captors who tried to break his will in their attempt to make him turn on his country and her principles.  They failed.

By the age of 17 – the same age at which the solid and dependable John McCain had enlisted in the U.S. Navy – the budding radical Barack Hussein Obama was, according to his own memoirs, wracked by a racial identity crisis and was dabbling in illegal drugs.  In a few short years the immature and angst-ridden young man would find solace and self-actualization in the philosophy of Karl Marx.  Among his many Marxist influences and fellow-travelers are the likes of the terrorists William Ayres and Bernadine Dorn – both of whom, like McCain’s tormentors, have American blood on their hands; Islamist PLO sycophant Rashid Khalidi who has, at least indirectly, Israeli blood on his hands; the communist Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted child molester, who was his childhood political mentor; the racist black liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright who snickered as the World Trade Center smoldered was his pastor and spiritual advisor for twenty years; and the Marxist Catholic Priest Father Pfleger (who reminds me of Steve Martin’s character in the Jerk) is one of his most vocal defenders.  And this is just to name a few.

Like all conservatives I disagree with John McCain on a number of important issues (immigration, global warming, and campaign finance) but his character, love of country and commitment to liberty are not in doubt.  By the time the next mid-term election in 2010 comes around the damage a president Obama may do with a large Democratic majority in Congress may prove irreversible.

On November 4 we have a choice to make: do we elect president of the United States a freedom-loving patriot whose mettle has been tested in the forge of war?  Or do we entrust our safety, freedom, and Constitution to a man who’s spent his life seeking personal fulfillment by freely associating with his country’s enemies, supporting them in their efforts to undermine the constitutional liberty inherited by us from our Fathers?  The choice is clear: Vote for John McCain on Tuesday November 4, 2008.

About michaelstjoseph

Michael St. Joseph is the pen-name of a Catholic conservative citizen of the greatest country in the history of civilization. He has a law enforcement background and lives with his family in the New York area. He can be reached at michaelst.joseph@yahoo.com.
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