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The New Pagans

Global Warmism as Idolotry   It is a curious quirk of human intellectual history that what first look like new and innovative ideas are oftentimes merely the resurrections of long discredited dogma. When novelist Dan Brown first published his bestseller, … Continue reading

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The Slow Death of Free Market Capitalism (January 2010)

For the better part of the last century the trend has been for the lines separating big business and big government to slowly blur as the rights and liberties of individuals and small businesses slowly erode.  This trend has accelerated … Continue reading

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Crony Capitalism, Political Activism, Market Bubbles, and Bailouts (February 2010)

The great economists Frederick Hayek and Milton Friedman taught us that economic and political liberty are the two inseparable sides of a single coin and that the greatest guarantor of individual liberty is to arrange our economic affairs by the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Congress (October 2008)

An Open Letter to Congress As an American citizen with a deep love for my country and a life-long Republican loyal to the principles of our Founders, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to cast your vote in … Continue reading

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The Mid-Term Elections (November 2006)

Tuesday November 7, 2006 is Election Day and many polls and pundits are suggesting that the Republican faithful may sit this one out, effectively handing control of Congress to the leftist’s who dominate the Democratic Party.  The most disheartening aspect … Continue reading

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